Introduction Overview

    Hohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region,located in Tumochuan Plain,the central part of Inner Mongolia. The name of the city in Mongolian means“the Green City".Hohhot is encircled in "Golden Triangle", ---More---


     Hohhot is the famous historical and cultural city of China, is full of natural beauty and historical relics.The relics of “Dayao Culture ” at eastern suburbs indicating human activities of 500000 years ago.In the period of Warring States 2300 years ago,Zhaowuhou build the Ancient City into one.In Northern Wei period,Xianbei ethnic groups established capital at Horinger County now,the first capital in north grassland,named Shile in history. ---More---

Social career
     Hohhot strengthen social reconstruction putting great emphasis on improving the living conditions of people in recent years.A series of policies have been put forward to sovle the people's livelihood,from the settlement interest problems of the people most concerned,the most direct and most realistic,on employment,ruban and rural social security,medical security,housing secutity,education,income of the farmers,urban and rural areas suitable for living,community reconstruction,social civilization etc.3900 billion RMB have been invested in education,health,culture,civil affairs,employment and social security and other social affairs in 2008. ---More---

Future development
     Hohhot at next five years goal are: to be the former three among overall the western provincial capital cities in city's comprehensive economic strength in 2012; to reach more than 12,000 U.S.dollars per capita GDP, annual growth rate averagely up more than 16 percent; ---More---

economic development

    Economic development in Hohhot has always maintained a strong momentum since the new century,the economic growth rate in the forefront among of the 27 capital cities continuously 7 years.2008,the region's GDP in Hohhot reached 131,640 billion yuan,up 13.6%,while Completion of the total local fiscal revenue 15,830 billion yuan,up 32.4%,fixed assets investment 64,050 billion yuan ,up 10%,total retail sales in 53,320 billion yuan,up 23.8%.The ratio of three industrial in Hohhot is 5.7:38.1:56.2.   ---More---

Hohhot plans to build an integrated development of urban and rural areas ....
Huhhot keeps to a new road to industrialization,forming advantages industry cluster of dairy industry
The tertiary industry
Hohhot,serving as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's trade,
Science and technology
Concentrate more than 70% of research institutions and colleges of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

City construction Transportation

    Hohhot has become the grassland metropplis with the high level of modernization, rich culture characteristics,suitable for human settlement and powerful radiation.
    Hohhot invested more than 70,000 billion yuan for 10 major project in urban infrastructure construction and comprehensive improvement of cities since the new century,and achicved remarkable results.The ruban space continuously expand. ---More---

    Hohhot is the country's transport hub in central and western China regions, the land channel which communicate the north-west provinces and autonomous regions,but also the bridge linking China with Mongolia, Russia and Eastern European countries. Hohhot Baita International Airport has been open 70 international and domestic routes. It has direct flights to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and to Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and other cities. ---More---

Culture Folk
scenic spots and historical sites
Hohhot has a long history,profound culture and numerous historical sites.
Folk Art
Hohhot has developed a unique local culture and art mixing of all ethnic groups
Distinguishing Food
Hohhot has long history in regional food culture with unique flavor.
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